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Installation: method 3 - hard

This method involves the removal of a whole downpipe (rectangular type). Please keep in mind that rain chains may not work as well as a normal down pipe under heavy loads of water i.e. during storms. If you're not confident please consider contacting a plumber. You might also need to consult your local building regulation and codes.

  1. Remove you down pipe from where it is attached to your wall
  2. Displace the pipe from its attachments to the gutter and drain
  3. Place the gutter adapter into the existing rectangular hole in your gutter
  4. Recommended: Seal gaps and spaces with water-tight gutter sealant
  5. Attach rain chain to the gutter adapter

Existing square gutter holeDropping the gutter adapter down through the existing holeGutter adapter from the topGutter adapter from the bottomChain attached to gutter adapter