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Installation: method 1 - easy

Click an image at the bottom of the page for a quick slideshow with instructions.


  • Drill bit capable of drilling through metal
  • Rain chain hanger (provided free with all our chains)

First, decide where along your gutter you would like to hang your rain chain. Then decide on the best location for the hole — we recommend locating it at the lowest point on your gutter (i.e. if your gutter angles downwards from where it is attached, you should make the hole towards the outer edge of the gutter). In our example photos, the gutter has an inset channel for water to flow along, so we drilled in the middle of the channel.

The size of the hole will depend a lot on the size of the top link of your rain chain, as you will need to poke a portion of the top link through your drilled hole. In our example (and in most cases) a hole size of 25 - 30mm will suffice. We used a normal metal drill bit bought from the local hardware store, but we had to enlarge the hole a bit.

Once you have drilled the hole, you can then slip the top link of your chain through the hole from the bottom of the gutter. Then you push the u-shape hanger (which came with your chain) through the exposed link  — you might need to bend the hanger slightly — and drop the hanger and chain back through the hole.

Drill holePoke the top of your rain chain through the hole (looking from the top)Slide the provided hanger piece through the exposed chain linkSlide the provided hanger piece through the exposed chain linkDrop hanger and chain back down through the holeVoila!