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About rain chains

Rain chains ('kusari doi' in Japanese) have been used in Japan for hundreds of years as a functional yet beautiful alternative to downpipes. While traditionally being used mainly on Japanese temples, they have started to be taken up more broadly for use at homes and offices. Typically hung from a gutter to make an attractive water feature, they channel water down over a series of links or cups.

Water from a rain chain can flow into a decorative bowl or other feature, be directed into a drain to water parts of your garden, or collected in a rain barrel for later use.

Rain chains come in many different styles, from quite simple and minimalist, to very decorative floral designs. Most of our chains are copper, but a few are aluminium and others a mixture of copper and brass.

Available direct from Australia for the first time from a dedicated seller, we are certain you'll find rain chains a fantastic addition to any outdoor area — and they are sure to bring a lot of attention from your friends!

Please note that our chains are made of top-quality copper which means they will slowly adapt to their environment and change colour over a few years developing a lovely patina (a dark bronze-brown oxidisation).

For more information on installation, click here.